What-color-would-make-a-small-bathroom-look-bigger, other effective tips. invest in a good bath mirror to reflect the items in your bathroom, making the space look more spacious. a floating vanity, recessed wall storage, keeping the space clutter-free and having less things in your bathroom are other things you can do to make your space look larger and luxurious. glass panels also go a long way in making your bathroom appear bigger.. Make a small half bathroom look bigger by employing white and pattern strategically. white surfaces reflect light, and semi-gloss finishes enhance the effect. two strong patterns might seem like a lot for a small bathroom, but a unifying element is key to design success. here, both the wallpaper pattern and floor tile follow a hexagonal design., a terrific, easy and cheap way to make your bathroom seem larger is with paint. there are plenty of ways to make your small bathroom feel larger, but few tactics give your bath more of a punch than paint..

Tip #3 - blend the tile color and wall color. blending the tile to the wall doubles your space in a small bathroom. imagine tile with contrasting color in this shower pictured to the left., kuprynenko andrii/shutterstock. bright colors for your bathroom. the experts at glidden paint suggest using light and bright colors that reflect light to create the appearance of a larger space. this is why so many people recommend white paint as one of the best colors for small bathrooms, because, of course, it reflects the most light..

Small rooms can be tricky to decorate.beyond the simple issue of having to triple-measure furniture for size and crafting the best layout for your space, paint color can actually have a huge impact on how big or small your space feels—and this decision goes beyond pure color choices. paint a room in a color that's on the darker side, and you may make a light-filled room feel smaller., a little design magic can make even the tiniest bathroom feel spacious. small bathrooms aren’t the easiest spaces to work with. they’re usually cramped and crowded, with limited natural light and awkward layouts..

Mirrors not only add the illusion of more space in the bathroom, but they also reflect more light back in the room.since your bathroom already has a mirror, consider dialing up the size. super-sized mirrors up to 5 feet long and 3 feet high can easily be installed with just a cordless drill, drill bits, and a few screws., avoid patterned wallpaper. patterned wallpaper may appeal to your funky side, or perhaps you’re envisioning a serene space filled with rose petals on the walls, but if your aim is to make your small bathroom look bigger, you should avoid such designs.