Weaning-from-bottle-to-cup, the american academy of pediatrics suggests saying bye-bye to the bottle before your baby is 18 months old. "i'd say definitely before age 2, but the sooner the better," says keith t. ayoob, edd..... 5 reasons for weaning from a bottle to a sippy cup 1. the biggest reason from switching from a bottle to a sippy cup is tooth decay. drinks like milk or juice have sugar in them, which can cause caries or decay in babies who continue to drink from a bottle., cup training (weaning from the bottle) when should i start giving a cup to my child? infants can begin learning how to drink from open cups around 6 months old. teaching your child how to drink from a cup at 6 months old will make it easier to take away the bottle by the time they are 12 months old..

Weaning baby from the bottle is a big step, and most pediatricians advise starting between 12 and 18 months. whether you’re right on time or a bit behind schedule (it happens!), we’ll walk you through how to transition from a bottle to a sippy cup, and never look back., getting your child to give up his bottle can be challenging, but the aap recommends weaning before 18 months of age. otherwise, prolonged bottle use can cause tooth decay and may encourage your child to drink much more milk than he needs. when your baby reaches one year, start substituting a cup for his midday bottle..

Once you begin weaning from the bottle, use the cup with every meal. in the beginning, end the meal with a bottle; as the baby gradually takes more and more milk from the cup you can eventually discontinue the bottle. (the baby should be taking 4 oz. from the cup before you, most breastfed babies are given breast milk from the breast and from a bottle during the first year of life. if you have breastfed your baby only from the breast for nine or more months, wean your child to a cup rather than to a bottle. how can i make weaning easier on my baby?.

He first step to weaning from the bottle is learning to drink from a cup. offer a regular cup as soon as your baby is ready, sometime between 6 and 9 months. by 12 months, most children can drink from a cup all the time. bottles are not recommended after 14˜˜˜˜ months., every child is different, but you can start weaning your child from the bottle anywhere between 9 to 12 months, says nancy miller, md, a pediatrician at connecticut children’s medical center..

It's important for parents to start weaning babies from bottles around the end of the first year and start getting them comfortable drinking from cups. the longer parents wait to start the transition, the more attached kids become to their bottles and the harder it can be to break the bottle habit.