Ways-to-reduce-electricity-energy-consumption-at-home, reducing electricity consumption both at home and at the office is important. not only can it help the environment but it can help save money for individuals and businesses as well.. This episode of educate me is about efficient use of a refrigerator or a fridge. a way to reduce electricity consumption., turning the wifi off at night, unpluging our phone chargers... here are a few tips to reduce our electricity consumption. episode 5 of our series of stories on eco-citizen initiatives with french author julien vidal.. Although now appliances such as refrigerators and freezer are made for efficient energy consumption, the use and abuse of these devices can actually increase much your electricity bill. there are several ways to reduce your electricity consumption refirgerador and here are a few., the easiest and most effective way is to shop for a lower electricity rate. but, there are plenty of ways to lower the amount of….

As winter is coming closer, the temperatures begin to drop, electric bills across the country are beginning to rise. here are picked 10 tips from energystar.g…, when temperatures rise, your utility bill does not have to follow suit. making just a few changes could help shave 15% from your summer energy bill. work your thermostat set the thermostat at 77 degrees, every degree below that setting, you'll use 3% to 4% more electricity. set the thermostat even higher when at….

With connecticut sweltering through a heat wave this past week, i lectured my kids about conserving electricity — as i sat in front of the air conditioner.