Ways-to-reduce-electricity-consumption-at-home, reduce electricity consumption in the kitchen keep your freezer full. fill containers with water to freeze if you have extra space. decide what you want to eat before you open the refrigerator or freezer.. Conserving and reducing your home's electricity use is one way to reduce energy costs. 1. make your refrigerator more efficient setting your refrigerator's temperature controls to as close to 37 degrees as possible can reduce the energy this power-hungry appliance consumes - use a thermometer if the controls don't indicate the temperature., reducing energy use in your home saves you money, increases our energy security, and reduces the pollution that is emitted from non-renewable sources of energy..

Here are five simple ways to reduce electricity consumption at home… 1. unplug – turn appliances off at the plug point. appliances left on standby can still draw about 20% or more of normal electricity use!, if you become aware of your energy usage and evaluate the areas of your home where electricity is wasted, you can reduce electricity consumption to save money on your monthly power bills and do your part to protect the environment. read on to learn how to reduce electricity consumption. turn the thermostat up in the summer and down in the winter..

3. transport. even if you have a fuel-efficient car, whenever possible it's a good idea to leave it at home and walk, cycle, catch public transport or car pool.. 4. water water-efficiency labels. the water efficiency labelling and standards scheme allows you to compare the water efficiency of different products – the more stars the better.ratings are compulsory for all new domestic washing ..., the simplest way to reduce electricity consumption is to follow the mantra: “switch off when not in use”. lights, air conditioners and fans need not be left working when you are not in the room. for televisions, the wider your screen, the more electricity it consumes..

Having a well-insulated home will reduce the amount of energy needed to heat or cool the area. check the insulation around your home, especially in your attic. if needed, add more insulation to your roof/ceiling, attic, or basement to ensure your home is as energy-efficient as possible., a good way to cut down on your spending is to gradually target different expenditures. lowering your energy bill is a nice place to start: not only is it a monthly expenditure, but you can also do....

Suggests actions you can take to reduce the environmental impacts of your energy use, including being more energy efficient and switching to cleaner energy sources.