Wayne-dalton-torquemaster-spring-adjustment, if the door lifts by itself or if it is hard to pull down, you will need to unwind the springs. if the door is hard to lift, or if it is too easy to pull down, you will need to wind the springs. you can adjust the spring tension on a wayne dalton torsion garage door with a few simple tools. step 1. Do not use the wind- ing mechanism to make spring adjustments. clamp a pair of vice clamps on the vertical tracks just above the third roller on one side and just below the third roller on the other side. this will prevent the door from raising or lowering while adjusting the spring(s). to add spring tension: the ratchet wheel is made of 10 teeth., over the years wayne dalton has designed two types of winders to tension the springs. the original torquemaster one spring assemblies incorporate a gearbox to allow the homeowner to easily wind his springs using an electric drill with a 7/16" nut driver or socket..

Slide the right hand spring, perch end first, into the torque tube (fig. 4-1). lift the spring tube assembly up and align the center bushing into the center bracket. push the right cable drum over the winding shaft until seated against the spring tube assembly and the winding shaft groove is exposed., torquemaster plus: winding assembly - download installation instructions cable drums - click here to view installation instruction conversion tm to tm3 - how to convert torquemaster original to torquemaster plus full - torquemaster plus sp....

Replacement springs for wayne dalton garage doors using the torquemaster spring system. this specialty spring is made only by wayne dalton for their torquemaster tms garage door system. the information above is all we need or can use to determine what spring is correct for your door., the information above is all we need or can use to determine what spring is correct for your door. any other information such as part numbers, spring dimension, wire size, and door models is subject to variables and will not provide accurate or usable here for torquemaster spring faqs.

So i finished up the framing and installed the door. had to use a o & e low head room kit since my headroom was only 8.5". torqued up the torquemaster torsion spring to 16.5 on the dial on both the lhs and rhs.