Wayne-ac-dc-sump-pump-system, the system is designed for home sump applications. when an electrical power outage occurs, the ps/bc automatically switches the sump pump to battery power so it will continue to pump water. using leds, the ps/bs also alerts you to potential problems. 2-year limited warranty.. July 5, 2008 the wayne ac/dc sump pump system isp40 is worth every penny! well designed and easy to install, this submersible pump, with a self-contained float switch, should fit comfortably into almost any sump chamber. it's pumping power on the battery mode is very strong and seems to match that of the ac operation., we’ve got to be honest: although we’ve had the chance to review hundreds of pumps as plumbing consultants (we’re talking sump pumps, sewage pumps, combination ac/dc pumps, dc-backup pumps, water-based backup pumps, laundry / dishwasher pumps, and more), we’ve only trusted a handful of them each year enough to recommend them when working..

12 volt battery back-up sump system with advanced notification; reinforced thermoplastic back-up sump pump construction, for long life in tough sump applications, the wayne 1/2 hp and 12-volt upgraded wss30v includes an all new back-up pump with an even more rugged construction. drop in ready and easy install within about 15 minutes. the wss30v provides additional.

“two weeks after i installed this, we had a week of torrential rain and my main sump pump died. this back up system saved my basement! before you buy, make sure you understand you will also need to buy a battery and some plumbing supplies like a valve, pvc cement, etc., 1 zoeller 508-0006 aquanot 508 propak53. this zoeller sump pump system includes both primary and backup sump pumps. they are a 12 volt primary and backup sump pump. because of its automatic activation, installing this system in your basement will be of great convenience. the backup sump pump will automatically turn on in case of emergencies..

Basement watchdog - big dog computer-controlled ac/dc battery backup sump pump system - 2200 gph @ 10 ft. lift, 3500 gph @ 0 ft. lift. 20-amp charger. dual float switch. controller. sensor for battery. pumps once per week. - thd sku# 470220