Waxing-powder-coated-wheels, powder coating is a process that can improve the look of your wheels while reducing the overall cost of your aesthetics. instead of paying for custom rims when they begin to look worn out, refinishing them by investing in this service can help them to make them look brand new once again.. You can extend the effective service life of your powder coating with the right cleaning and maintenance. it could double or even triple the coating's life., sold 2003 pt cruiser gt autostick.sold now a slow 2009 pontiac vibe 2.4l 5-speed. 227 hp and 281 tq new best of 14.56 1/4 mile on 7/25/12 still using the canned tune from my diablosport predator. *stage 1, dsp w/93 canned tune, 3" o2 housing, 3" fwdperformance downpipe with cutout..

Powdercoat is just thermoset plastic fused to your frame. there is no out-gassing period like solvent based paints. but i did find this: "waxing is generally not recommended for powder coated finishes because if the part does get scratched and it is contaminated with wax then the entire finish will need to be removed in order to re-coat the part.", powder coating is often used to paint automobiles, motorcycles and other vehicles. this special type of paint creates a hard and durable surface, but it also requires special care to keep it looking its best..

Xmt intermediate swirl remover #2 or meguiars ultimate polish are both good choices for clear coated wheels. they clean and polish clear coated wheels without scratching or dulling the finish. the clear coat on the wheels will respond to a paint polish just like the clear coat on the auto body., a simple guide to wheel finishes. custom wheels and rims come in a dizzying number of designs to suit just about any style or performance you’re jonesing for. there are thousands of combinations of metal finishes, spokes, colors, polishes and sizes.