Wax-ring-vs-rubber, if you’re installing a new toilet or replacing a broken seal, there are a couple of options for a new toilet seal. traditionally plumbers have used wax rings, but there are new mess-free options on the market as an alternative.. Traditionally, toilets use wax rings to create an airtight seal between the floor and the toilet. in the past, if you needed to repair or replace a toilet seal, you’d only have the choice of installing another wax ring. now, thanks to new products on the market, you have another choice. keep reading to learn …, the 7530p8 "better than wax, waxfree toilet bowl gasket" is one of the main rubber seals on the market, and it really is a great product. this was my first experience with waxless, and the installation is actually extremely simple, and has no mess..

In addition, the wax ring seal can be compressed to the point of ineffectiveness if the flange is not secured. a rubber ring seals better the tighter the bolts are fastened, and once tightened the flange and toilet become a single unit, which means movement cannot loosed or break the seal., in simple terms, toilet wax rings are a thick, ring-shaped piece of wax (some with a plastic ring around the inner edge called a sleeve). the wax ring fits between the toilet outlet (the opening on the underside of the toilet) and the drain, creating a tight seal to bridge any gaps and prevent leakage and odors..

Personally, i'll take a good ol fashioned wax ring anyday. i also don't really like the horned donuts. i prefer a plain ol wax ring, unless the closet flange is slightly below the floor height for some reason, installed poorly or new tile height, then i might go for the horned., wax-free toilet rings are becoming more popular because they don’t require the same clean up as a waxy substance and they tend to last longer. a rubber toilet ring should provide an adequate seal but doesn’t conform to pressure like wax does (wax tends to melt around the to ends which creates the seal).