Wave-cap-under-durag, a wave cap is designed to promote waves with a spandex style fit to make your night enjoyable with its comfort. wave caps are similar to do-rag when it comes to achieving and maintaining waves. wave caps can be used solely or under a durag for maximum compression. our wave caps have breathable cool and comfortable prem. Premium velvet durag for men women(multi colors),durags for men,silky durag for men, wave cap with extra long & wide tail, wave caps, also called stocking caps, are usually made of material similar to women's pantyhose. these thin, tight skull caps are held on the head with a thick elastic band. wave caps can maintain the brushed waves of a close-cut, fade hairstyle..

Struggling to keep your waves in place? what you need is a wave cap or a durag. a durag will work excellently for holding your hair when you’re asleep as it doesn’t come off as readily as a wave cap.a wave cap, on the other hand, will be your workout…, custom clothing & durags + 360 wave caps. with monsoon you can create custom clothes using your own personal photos and designs. embrace your creative side and customize custom clothing. bring your art to life! 360, 540, 720 waves long tails wide straps made in the usa. black owned..

We have over 100+ 5 star reviews from the waver community. our premium quality silk durag & velvet durag material, great customer service and fast shipping makes us unique., hey everyone. i am training my hair for 360 waves and i want to know about how to wear my durag and or wave cap for getting the waves down to my neckline. i've tried the king cash method with an untied durag covered with a wave cap. i've also just used the wave cap by itself but pulling the wave cap over the ears with either method hurts my ears really bad.