Using-a-bar-of-soap-in-bed-for-leg-cramps, admittedly, it sounds a little ludicrous: can a bar of soap cure a sleep disorder? from the status of an old wives’ tale to being repeated on popular television programming like the dr. oz show and proclaimed in internet forums, could there be truth to it? is it possible for a simple bar of soap to cure your restless legs syndrome or leg cramps? .... Before you tuck yourself into bed, slip a bar of soap under the covers.the unproven folk remedy might cure your nighttime woes, according to its loyal adherents at least.. snoozing with suds ..., according to andrew g. kowal, md, a pain management specialist at the lahey clinic in burlington, massachusetts, the theory behind this home remedy is that a bar of soap will give off the chemical magnesium, which will relieve you of leg cramps..

Anna t. last modified date: 23 may 2020 . if you want to use soap for leg cramps, you should put two to four opened bars of soap in the bed with you at night.some people place the bars near their feet, while other people place the bars near the muscle that is aching., soap in bed combats leg cramps? old home remedy holds that placing a bar of soap between your bedsheets will help prevent leg cramps..

When i was pregnant with my daughter, i'd often awaken in the middle of the night with terrible leg cramps. i was already low on sleep, so these painful wake-up calls really got to me. that is ..., we admit that putting a bar of soap under the bottom sheet near your feet seems like a strange way to prevent leg cramps. many health professionals insist that it is pure placebo.. Terry graedon, phd, is a medical anthropologist and co-host of the people’s pharmacy radio show, co-author of the people’s pharmacy syndicated newspaper columns and numerous books, and co-founder of the people’s pharmacy website., the most popular soap for this use seems to be dial. supposedly it has something to do with the scent of the soap.