Unfinished-wooden-gun-stocks, thompson center. stocks laminates replacement stocks rifle stocks misc.thumbhole stocks wood grades specials. odds-n-ends . welcome to gunstocks inc.. Brownells is your source for wood rifle stocks at brownells parts and accessories. shop our vast selection and save!, gun stocks, supplying older model replacement gun stocks and forearms, original rifles and shotguns dating back to the 1800s. beretta, browning, marlin, remington, ruger, savage, stevens, winchester, thompson. wooden replacement stocks are unfinished 90% rough machine inletted.. All of our precarved stocks come in your choice of select cherry, walnut or maple we offer four different grades. our stocks can be used for either right or left hand, and we include free carving of a straight barrel channel up to 1- 1/8 inch diameter., gunstocks. gunstocks are the roots of dunlap woodcrafts. from the back of his pick up truck, wayne dunlap begun providing gunstocks in 1975 as a part-time business at every.

We have over 10,000 gun stocks and for-ends in stock! if you don't see your model listed, give us a call. we have over 35,000 gun stock blanks available in various wood grades., hoosier gun works, dealing in gun stocks, semi finished, as well as new factory and synthetic. military and commercial..

A lot of gun stocks, bob's gun shop, gun stocks for over 300 models. gun parts, foreign gun stocks, a lot of gun stocks !beretta gun stocks, browning gun stocks,frenchi gun stocks, military gun stocks, ithica gun stocks, mossbereg gun stocks,remington gun stocks, savage gun stocks, stevens gun stocks. marlin gun stocks.winchester gun stocks, gun stocks for over 300 models.boito gun stocks, bsa ..., yellow-jacket laminate all of our gunstocks are unfinished, completely shaped and ready for sanding & finishing. they come with either a 99% "press-fit" inlet which means that the action will bolt to the stock with mininimal fitting, or a 96% "semi" inlet which will require additional handwork to fit the action and barrel..

Stocks offered in a variety of colors, shapes, finishes and special etchings. browse through images to help you choose the best options for your gun.