Uneven-hardwood-floor-sanding, warping is a potential problem whenever wood is involved, and when it happens to a hardwood floor, repairs aren't always that feasible. warped floors become uneven, separating and curling up at the.... Testing lower grit paper on an uneven spot. dealing with uneven solid wood floors requires extra steps, but in most caaes can bring satisfactory results, as ..., uneven hardwood floor sanding. do not sand a cupped floor. dealing with uneven floors is a part of the trade when installing flooring. i never did sanding and refinishing hardwood, but it appears to me that the floor was sanded with a much heavier grit around the edges, or maybe an edger was used (a circular sanding disk that spins) and not ....

Sanding a wood floor is a multi-step process. none of it is rocket science, but it will help you to read through all the sanding pages, including first things first, working with sanders and edgers, and the sanding faq, before you begin. that way you'll get a heads-up on, and hopefully the knowledge to avoid, some of the problems you might encounter and some of the mistakes beginners make., sometimes environments are less than ideal. there are many homes that may have uneven floors, whether it's because of the passage of time or because of flooring that has been removed..

How to fix an uneven stain on refinished wood floors. hardwood floors in a home create charm, style and resale value with very little maintenance. occasionally, however, you need to refinish the ..., i have a similar problem. i have very uneven floors. my husband wants to level it and put down red elm. the current flooring is thick pine plank in various widths from 6 to 8 inches.. Top hardwood floor problems: cracks and separations between boards, cupping, crowning, and wood floor buckling. read about invisible moisture problems.