Under-deck-roof-membrane, convert the space under a second-story deck into a dry, spacious patio by installing this simple, under-the-deck roof and gutter system. one of our readers, rune eriksen*, sent us photos of his design for a home-built deck drainage system, and we were impressed enough to check it out. his low-cost .... Waterproofing membranes. one method of waterproofing under the deck is to install a membrane. this membrane prevents water from reaching the areas below the deck, such as a roof or open area., find under deck ceiling systems at lowe's today. shop under deck ceiling systems and a variety of building supplies products online at

Under deck roof membrane. may 19, 2020 amirul m uncategorized. of space between the framing and the grade, i install an underdeck-drainage system. under deck oasis is an under deck drainage system – also called an under deck ceiling – that expands the wasted space underneath your second story deck into a wonderful new living area.imagine ..., i have built below-deck storage sheds using plastic corrugated roofing, attached with rubber-gasketed roofing screws. in one case, i fastened the corrugated plastic roofing to strapping nailed perpendicular to the joists above, using tapered spacers to create slope. for good drainage, you want a minimum of 1/8 in. per foot of slope away from the house, preferably 1/4 in. per ft..

Start with a gutter. to drain the water collected by the membrane, i install standard 5-inch aluminum “k”-style gutter, which is locally stocked, inexpensive (about $1.10/lineal foot with hangers and caps), and simple to hang.