Unc-duke-locker-room, north carolina players caused extensive damage to duke's visiting locker room at wallace wade stadium due to spray painting after their 45-20 win over the blue devils last week.. The worldwide leader went all-out for its coverage of the duke-unc game on wednesday evening. espn had several of its on-air personalities in durham, north carolina for the game and had a ton of..., north carolina coach larry fedora has apologized to duke's david cutcliffe after his team's celebration with spray paint following the tar heels victory against the blue devils. Read “espn accidentally shows genitals in unc locker room following win over duke (video)” and other ncaa articles from total pro sports., in the scope of the long and bitter duke-unc rivalry, spray-painting locker rooms is relatively innocuous. considering managers of the schools' basketball programs threw downin fisticuffs during....

The duke visiting football team locker room got a new color scheme on thursday: carolina blue. north carolina’s celebration of the tarheels win over duke got out of hand thursday, resulting in ..., every time something like this happens i always ask myself, “who are these people that notice stuff like this?”. because i really don’t know how people spotted this penis in the north carolina locker room following the tar heels’ upset of the duke blue devils..

Unc and duke may primarily be rivals on the hardwood, but there's no love lost between the two football teams. the two play for the victory bell, and thursday marked just the latest post-game ..., matt is an editor at the comeback. he attended colorado state university, wishes he was saved by the bell's zack morris, and idolizes larry david. and loves pizza and dogs because obviously. he .... Luke maye's a real interesting guy. we'd love to sit and talk to him after dropping 30 on duke, too. that's awesome! on the road, too! the only reason to be cutting away from a luke maye shot at this point would be, i don't know, a guy disrobing in the background and clearly taking out his genitals.