Patio-pacific-endura-flap, patio pacific has developed the 'endura flap®' line of patented insulated dog doors that address the 12 important factors that define pet door excellence. with the endura flap® these high-performance pet doors won the coveted fancy publications editor's choice award in 2007 based upon their superior technology.. Endura flap pet doors by patio pacific patio pacific inc was incorporated in 1976 specifically to market a new type of pet door - the "panel" pet door for sliding glass doors., the endura flap™ dog door for doors in 2001 patio pacific set out to design and build the best pet door flap ever made. we've released the resulting flap in a version designed for all solid core, hollow core, metal or storm doors: the award winning patio pacific endura flap™ pet door for doors..

This product is the patio pacific endura flap wall mount pet door. the version that will be discussed in this article is the medium size, double flap product.   this product allows your pet to come and go as they please and its durability and stability will give you peace of mind that your pet is having its needs met. why is this product here?, patio pacific endura flap pet doors in 2001 patio pacific set out to design and build the best pet door flap ever made and they created the award winning patio pacific endura flap™ it is the most highly engineered pet door flap ever made. with this door, you never have to replace worn out or leaky flaps..

Flap material is a polyolefin-based polymer which is safe for your pets and the environment, and remains flexible in temperatures as low as -40 degrees fahrenheit. select single or double flap; single flap models only have one flap on the interior frame, and double flap models have a flap on the interior and exterior frame for extra insulation., patio pacific 'endura flap' pet door locking cover. fits size 'small' flap. $18.00 + $7.25 shipping . small pet patio screen 2-way access door snap flap. $34.99. $43.99. free shipping . petsafe extreme weather pet door (medium, white) $84.95. $125.93. free shipping ..

For the patio pacific endura flap quick panel 3 or the thermo panel 3e the tallest non-custom height range available is 93 1/4"-96 1/4". what is the difference between the model 01ppc12 and the model 01ppc12s? the s at the end denotes that it is a quick panel with the single pane glass as opposed to the thermo panel with the dual pane glass., • the endura flap® design takes the insulating properties of dual-pane glass and applies them to pet doors. • install this energy-efficient pet door in human doors, walls, windows, and even sliding glass doors. • lifetime warranty for normal wear and tear. learn more about endura flap® dog door, the highest quality doggie door.

Fast forward to 1991 and under the stewardship of alan lethers, the original thermo panel was was the world’s first dual pane, insulated-glass panel pet door.the thermo panel was followed by the quick panel that had a spring load height adjustment design making installation easy to install and 1997 when a majority of people still used dial-up to access the internet ...