Paste-wax-on-painted-furniture, paste wax is then the marketed option for most chalk and milk paint projects. and while it produces a very different finish than poly, it’s a good option. there are ups and downs to wax though too, which i’ll talk about more.. Jolie finishing wax - protective topcoat for jolie paint - use on interior furniture, cabinets, walls, home decor and accessories - odor-free, non-hazardous - black - 120 ml, –paste wax is a beautiful product and gives a lovely finish. however, in high use areas it can scratch, and easily wears. it is really meant to enhance the finish, not protect the wood. i know if i put it on a table top with my kids, the little monsters would put a fork mark right across the top two seconds after i was done..

How to seal painted furniture with paste wax once the stools were all painted, i needed to seal and protect them. i let the paint dry and cure (24-48 hrs) and then i was ready to apply my wax. in the past i have recommended minwax finishing paste wax to coat your painted or stained piece., a furniture paste wax is popular among by diy users like us. since chalk paint provides a flat-finish, it usually requires a top coat to seal it in. traditionally, polyurethane is often used as a topcoat. however, it may be a challenge to work with and tends to develop a yellow stain as it ages. it’s harder to touch-up..

Painted furniture can last a lifetime when you seal it with a topcoat, but what topcoats and sealers work the best for painted furniture? i recently finished one of the last two diy projects in my master bedroom makeover. it has been a while since i last shared any of the updates in the room with you., paste wax has been used for centuries to seal, protect and add shine to wood furniture. paste wax dries to a hard, but very thin, protective finish which makes it the best choice for maintaining fully finished furniture. it is … continue reading →.

Get gorgeous results with black furniture wax on your painted furniture. see how to apply furniture wax to make those details pop. antiquing painted furniture with furniture wax creates a dramatic effect like on this painted claw foot table. applying furniture wax really brings out the details., because both chalk and milk painted furniture is porous in nature – wax easily absorbs into the surface. when the wax hardens, it seals the painted surface with a lovely natural looking soft sheen. the sheen can then be controlled by additional buffing.