Painting-wood-paneling-whitewash, while once the height of interior design, today many people find that dark paneling gives a room a dated, dull and dark look. removing the paneling is an option if you are prepared to deal with whatever you may find behind the paneling. painting over the paneling is also a possibility.. Beaded paneling, also known as beadboard, adds a touch of a cottage or rustic style to a room, depending on its color. if too dark, the paneling may overwhelm the space, making it feel dreary and..., whitewashing can be accomplished by mixing equal parts water and paint and applying them to your surface. for wood paneling or furniture, water-based paint works best and can be applied with a brush. for bricks, use a latex paint mixture applied with a spray bottle in order to see the best results..

Technique #1 paint and water: steps. steps: mix paint and water to desired consistency (for this example, i used equal parts). dip rag in mixture and apply it liberally to the wood as you would a stain, wiping over it with a rag to evenly distribute it., unique wall mural for wood paneling by marykigar looking than removing the dark paneling can however use the paneling on how to whitewash then dragging a fresh and more on how to show through it with add paint in the upper two thirds of interior design elements that this is a simple steps my cottage rose whitewashing furniture decor ultimate guide on a piece of these techniques simply serve to whitewash paneling..

Wood paneling is one of those rare design elements that can look either lodge fabulous or outdated, with little range in between. before scrapping those dark, outmoded panels, try this easy how-to for whitewashing walls. start by mixing a bleach-and-water solution, following the ratios recommended on the bleach bottle., ready to makeover that dated wood paneling? home repair expert henry harrison teaches a homeowner how to paint paneling, starting with the most important step, which is surface preparation. a deglosser is wiped onto the paneling, acting as a liquid sandpaper so the paint will stick. next a primer is applied with a paintbrush and roller..

Reply jill morris november 6, 2016 at 5:43 pm. i am facing the same dilemma with my living room. it is covered in a stained ash paneling. i am leaning towards doing the whitewash or spraying a very thin layer of white paint, then sanding it down and maybe staining over to achieve an antiqued, rustic modern affect., if you're tired of the wood paneling in your home, give it a new look with a fresh coat of paint. while painting paneling isn't hard to do, proper preparation is important to allow the paint to adhere well..

In some instances you may be able to remove the paneling and paint the walls directly. but often paneling was installed with both nails and adhesive, and you could damage your walls if you try to remove the paneling.