Painting-stair-risers-white, apply white paint with a foam brush. begin at the end of the stairway you use least so that you finish painting on the floor you use most, to avoid getting stuck while you wait for your first coat.... A fresh coat of paint to update the risers makes staircases look fresh and new highlighting architectural details. after living with my all wood staircase for 9 years, it was time to prep and paint the stained risers white for a whole new look. learn how-to prep (and how not to prep) stair risers for the most durable paint finish that will last!, lightly sand the primer coat with fine-grit sandpaper and wipe it down with a tack cloth. starting at the top stair, apply a thin layer of your chosen white paint with a stiff, natural-bristle paintbrush. if you are working with wood, paint in the direction of the grain. continue until all risers are painted..

Painting the stairs is half the battle, and keeping them clean is the other. don’t believe anybody who says white risers are just as easy to maintain as their wood stained counterparts in a high traffic home. they will inevitably get scuff marks., once the stairs are ready, it's best to start by painting the risers. that way, you can remove any paint you get on the treads before staining them; and painted risers are relatively easy to protect from stain. choose semigloss or gloss paint -- both are easier to keep clean than flat paint..

Use a white gloss paint that can be wiped off - but white is always going to get dirty., if you are painting wood risers, i would recommend an oil to latex conversion primer first and then you can use white latex paint to finish. as for the gaps, fill them in before you paint. it will be much easier and you can paint right over it..

Ok, maybe not. but a girl can pretend, can’t she?! in all honesty, this might be one of the most dramatic makeovers we’ve done. not because the before is so different from the after (because if that’s the comparison, then our attic definitely takes the cake… or maybe our master bath… or heck, the whole house).nope, it’s dramatic for me because it. is. just. paint., before i dive into the how-to, i’ve shown you these basement stairs of ours before. truth is, we’ve had to update a lot of stairs in our day, and the problem is, staircase renovations are almost always $$$.well, we didn’t have $$$ for this project. we had more like ¢¢¢.