Painting-dark-wood-furniture-white, some homeowners with dark wood furniture are choosing to paint it white to update its look and increase its longevity. painting furniture is not difficult, but can take several days to do properly. the paint should be given plenty of time to dry between coats. a primer is also a necessity for painting dark furniture white.. Apply a quality white or light gray primer according to the manufacturer's directions, and let it dry completely. use a primer that is compatible with the underlying stain formulation, and follow..., curious how to paint furniture white? is there a secret to painting white furniture? this cabinet is given a white painted furniture makeover. follow these 5 tips to painting furniture white for a result you will love..

Dry-brush the furniture and sand the hardware after the primer dried, we dry-brushed the furniture with white paint to match our headboard. make sure the brushstrokes follow the grain of the wood. while the paint dries, we lightly sanded the hardware., learn how to paint wood furniture with this detailed, step-by-step, video tutorial! you can easily update a piece of wood furniture with paint! you'll learn how to paint wood furniture with out ....

August 22, 2014 ~ 29 comments this post may contain affiliate links. please see disclosures here christy little of our southern home is a participant in the amazon services llc associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to tips for painting dark furniture, if you've found a piece of ugly wood furniture with a silhouette that matches your decor, you can do some painting to make the outdated surface better fit your style. stained and varnished finishes are designed to be durable, and it's hard to paint over these long-lasting exteriors if you don't use the right tools..

5. always paint furniture from the top down because if any paint gets on the bottom of the piece, it will be covered with the final coat. for the marble effect, apply oil-based gray paint by pouncing the natural-bristle brush for a soft mottled look., works great and it’s safe for furniture. remove all drawers before painting and work on those separately. step 2: sand. next, sand your furniture and get all of the glossy finish off so that the paint will have a good surface to “grab” onto..

Technique #1 paint and water: steps. steps: mix paint and water to desired consistency (for this example, i used equal parts). dip rag in mixture and apply it liberally to the wood as you would a stain, wiping over it with a rag to evenly distribute it.