Painting-cabinet-hinges-white, painting cabinet hinges set the hinges flat on a a sheet of old newspaper with the parts you want to paint facing up. if you plan to paint both sides, the most visible sides should be face-up. put on a respirator and spray a coat of metal primer on all the hinges, using an aerosol can.. How to repaint cabinet hinges. new cabinet door hinges are costly, and you can save a substantial amount of money by repainting old hinges yourself. the preparation work will be the most time ..., decide on the color––do you want to use a metallic paint that mimics the original metal or do you want to paint the hinge the same color as the cabinet or a complementary one? do not use latex paint as it will affect the movement of the hinge. spray paint is easier and faster than using a paintbrush and paint, but the choice is up to you..

If you do paint them, please take them off, take them apart and spray paint them. the best thing would be to take any existing paint off ot them and use original hinges, but if you do choose painting, please do not leave them on the cabinets. also, invest in new screws to rehang them with., this is how to stripped and repainted my cabinet hinges to match my new drawer pulls. we decided to repaint them so we would not have to drill new holes for the hinges. it worked out well..

One of the most inexpensive ways to update the look of your entire kitchen is to change your cabinet door hinges. while most cabinets used to have brass hinges, most modern cabinets have stainless-steel or nickel hinges., spray painting the hinges is a cost effective option to replacing all the kitchen cabinet hinges. with all the colors available these days, i highly recommend you paint the hinges in your kitchen makeover..

Besides, if you replace the old hinges with brand new ones, you run the risk of not being able to get the doors back on properly. seriously, i was so paranoid about it i made sure each set of hinges (and their accompanying 10 screws) were placed in separate zip-lock bags with the cabinet door number written on the bag in sharpie., 13 common mistakes people make when painting kitchen cabinets, including rushing, not sanding, and more. make sure you know exactly what you're getting into before you start this major diy kitchen ...