Paint-roller-for-kitchen-cabinets, in short, the best type of roller for painting cabinets is a 4-inch roller with a foam cover or, in some cases, a fabric cover with a thin nap. a 4-inch roller is best because it allows you to control paint application in tight spaces and navigate around the trim, curves, and grooves inherent in cabinet designs.. Standard rollers are 9 inches long, while mini rollers are only 4 inches long. a big roller may be the smart choice for painting walls and ceilings, but smaller may be better when rolling around..., wood cabinets: paint adheres best over a scuffed surface, making true wood cabinets a great candidate for painting.sand the surface to prep it for paint and the result is a better bond and smoother finish. this is especially important if your wood cabinets are already stained or have a glossy finish - you will need to get through this finish layer first, either with sandpaper or a liquid ....

Sherwin-williams proclassic interior waterbased acrylic-alkyd. for those worried about vocs or yellowing that is associated with oil-based paints, sherwin-williams proclassic interior waterbased acrylic-alkyd paint is a reliable option as the best paint for kitchen cabinets. as another product that takes advantage of hybrid technology, this paint approximates the quality of the oil-based ..., new color can refresh cabinets for much less than what it would cost to replace them. get started with this guide to the best paint for kitchen cabinets..

Paint kitchen cabinets paint can be applied with a bush and roller (diy-friendly) or a sprayer (advanced). the following directions are for applying with a brush and roller., the best way to paint kitchen cabinets is with a paintbrush and small roller. spray painting is also an option if you want the process to move more quickly, but it can be tricky. when you're ready to get started, clear off your kitchen counters, empty your cabinets, and cover your backsplash and appliances..

While on the trim boards, using the foam roller and brush paint only one side of drawers and doors. next, using the same brush and foam roller apply a coat of cabinet enamel to the base cabinets. dry overnight and clean your brush. toss the foam roller., painting cabinets is a messy job, and the last thing you want is paint all over your countertops as you learn how to paint kitchen cabinets. an easy way to protect your countertops, backsplash and floor is to cover them with inexpensive rosin or brown builder's paper. a common roll size is 35-in.-wide by 140-ft.-long.