Paint-picture-frame-antique-silver, spray paint the frame silver. follow the instructions on the spray paint can (especially those concerning the distance of the can from the object) to ensure that you get an even spray that will look realistic. let the first side you've sprayed dry completely, then flip the frame over to do the other side.. Antique finish "antique" your silver mirror frame to cut the shine to an authentic-looking gleam. antiquing glaze, a small bristle paintbrush, and a jar of paste wax are all the expertise you need., paint technique for silver accents on a wood frame. a wood picture frame, regardless of its finish, acts as a bit of decor around the item it frames. if the frame itself is a little on the drab ....

I bought some wood frames at the thrift store recently for $3 each and wanted to do an antique silver finish on them. i also wanted it to look more like a wash and have the wood show through a little., paint the black on your piece, then wipe off the top areas to keep them lighter and highlighted. let it settled into the crevices. if you get too much black on the areas you want highlighted, take a soft damp cloth and wipe it off right away, or if needed, touch up the silver with rub n buff. * spray protective coat..

How to make a picture frame look antique. while antique picture frames can be too delicate and expensive for everyday display, simulated antique chic is fairly easy to achieve. when your wall ..., we have 2 bathroom vanity mirrors, just had the bathroom renovated, and we thought the gold mirrors would still look good, but they clash. they need to be transformed to an antique silver look. gold framed mirror inside bathroom..

I want to show you how i created an aged silver finish for my cane back chairs that i refinished. here’s what the finish looks like up close: to achieve this look, i first painted the chairs with some left-over behr premium plus ultra (paint …, professional spray paint is the trick. the high pigment paint sinks into crevices creating the patina we want step 3. hand-paint. working quickly, use the brush to work the brown paint deeper into crevices of the frame.