Paint-on-marble-countertops, if you want the look of marble but it’s just not in the budget, don’t despair. you can paint your existing laminate countertop to look like marble, for a fraction of the cost.. Will you please tell me what paint brand and color you used on the cabinet. i love it. i have similar backsplash in my kitchen and i’m going to try the countertop makeover and would love to paint my cabinets that color., cultured marble countertops do contain marble dust, but they're not natural stone; they're actually closer to fiberglass or resin -- which means that, if the surface is discolored, scratched, or you're just sick of it, you can paint over it in good conscience..

It took me 4 coats to completely cover the preexisting marble. while you need to let each coat dry for about an hour before applying the next, if you wait too long (i think over 2-3 hours, instructions will specify) you will have to wait until it has completely cured ( about 4 days) to apply another coat., go over the area three times to ensure that the surface is as clean as possible. this will make the next layers of paint and sealers adhere well to the old marble countertops..

Save money by painting your countertops before replacing them! all you'll need a primer, acrylic paint, polycrylic and some paint brushes! it's fun and simple! it makes for a great weekend project ..., today mary asks, have any ideas about making over countertops that are cultured marble, and tile countertops? rust-oleum countertop transformations won't work on these surfaces. :) mary, unfortunately neither one of those surfaces handle paint well in wet areas. this is one of the reasons why it's not recommended to use…