Paint-off-stainless-steel-sink, when you are finished with the paint removal, it’s best to rinse the sink completely with water and pat it dry.  this is also good for maintaining your sink, even without the paint spill in it. if you want to make your sink shine again, put some olive oil on a cloth and buff the stainless steel lightly.. Apply the lacquer thinner or solvent to the paint splattered in the stainless steel sink, using a paintbrush and multiple coats, if necessary. wait for the paint to soften and begin to dissolve. wipe the solvent and loosened paint from the sink with wads of paper towels. apply another coat of solvent to remove lingering paint., if you have dried bathroom sink paint or you need to remove paint from stainless steel sinks, then you don't want to use abrasive materials or techniques. this will damage the sink in the long run. if you're trying to remove the paint, you can use solvents, though. just make sure to test them before you apply them in a highly visible area..

Hello all, when we remodeled the painters used our new stainless steel sink to wash their paintbrushes, but they did not wash it all out and the paint dried on, what can i use to get it off without harming the finish? any help would be appreciated! thanks a lot, john, looking for advice about a home improvement project? want to talk about what’s going on in your neighborhood? join the conversation. please read our community guidelines (updated june 13, 2016) before contributing..

Stainless steel is a common and lovable material when it comes to kitchen sinks because of the resistance to corrosion. while most homeowners find the sink material convenient, many find the grey color non-matching to the kitchen decor. if you dislike the color of the kitchen sink and would love to change it into a […], once your primer has dried completely, now you can start adding layers of paint to your stainless steel sink. various types of paints for stainless steel are available and you need to find quality paint for you..

We moved into about new house in january and the previous owners had obviously not really used the utility room sink for anything other than washing paint brushes it is covered in dried splashes of white paint., apply turpentine to a corner of a clean, soft cloth. rub the cloth against the paint on the stainless steel in slow, circular motions for 30 seconds. remove the cloth, and inspect the stainless steel. if the paint has not started dissolving, repeat the procedure with additional turpentine on another clean corner of the cloth..

Paint can easily land on stainless steel, and if dry, become a challenging stain to remove. abrasive techniques are not necessarily recommended to help avoid accidentally damaging the finish. solvents are a viable option though, and paint drops on stainless steel are certainly not insurmountable.