Ceiling-fan-lube, like any machine with moving parts, ceiling fans need proper lubrication to run smoothly. some newer fan models are self-lubricating and don't require much maintenance from you, while others need.... Just like any machine with moving parts, a ceiling fan requires lubrication to run smoothly and quietly. usually, older ceiling fan models require lubrication but newer ones don’t. to keep the ceiling fan in tip-top shape, lubricate it every year. and if you need pointers on how to oil up your ceiling fan, consider these tips:, ceiling fans can wear over time and therefore require routine maintenance. if your ceiling fan starts making a lot of noise, the oil reservoir may be too low for optimal operation. check to ensure your fan requires oil and then drip oil into the oil hole. this will help your fan to run smoothly and will prolong the life of your fan..

Some ceiling fans are designed to be oiled, others are designed to "never" need oiling. however all moving parts require lubrication, and no oil or grease will will last forever. as described below, there are many fans that require oiling. hunter original models and those based from it will require oiling, for an example., lubing ceiling fan blades will help keep them working as efficiently as possible. lube ceiling fan blades with help from a foreman for lighty contractors in this free video clip..

The whole thing unscrewed if needed (after disconnecting wires at ceiling). as someone said, there was a filler hole in the upper part of the bell shaped motor housing....tip the fan, add oil until it runs out the top of the cup. to check oil level, stick a pipe cleaner or similar down the side of the cup., before you lube you must clean the motor or contaminants will stick to the lube and create problems. you can use anything from a toothbrush to a vacuum cleaner to clean the area. then, remove the fan’s blade and wash it with soap. afterwards, you can oil the fan..

Ceiling fans circulate air to make the room more comfortable all year round. they also give the air conditioning and heating system a break by maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the room or home. while newer models have self-oiling bearings, older hampton bay models may need oiling., you can buy pre-dispensed ceiling fan oil at many stores or use 20 wt non-detergent oil available at most auto parts. these use a spiral in the rotor to pump oil along the shaft where it exits into an upper oil pan on the rotor. a return hole takes it back to the main oil cup.