In today’s rapidly evolving world, what we do at Consumer Reports must be as transformative and groundbreaking as the new technologies, products and services entering people’s lives every day. We are passionate about our work because we know how much is at stake for you.

We have long been in the restaurant, today we are a place where any barbecue fan will find something interesting. It doesn’t matter if you are a BBQ expert or just beginning your adventure. With us you will learn:

  • Which kind of grill would be best for you, electric, gas or maybe traditional ( objective reviews ).
  • What kind of smoker is best for you and how to smoke meat.
  • Tips, recipes and many useful information from the BBQ world.
  • And most important, a community in which we will help each other.

We are also here to help you discover products that will fit into your home and lifestyle. If you love grilling, cooking and entertaining – you will definitely find here great products that will allow you to fully utilize your outdoor space.