1-baldacchino-supreme-bed, lacquered, patinated and sponge batted bed and canopy, curved and 107 kg of solid 24ct along with small decorative applications in gold leaf detail, headboard in capitonnè (handmade too). all 100% made & designed 100% made in italy and the u.k. certificated.structure is all in chestnut wood and curving (100% handmade) are ash wood.. 1. baldacchino supreme bed – $6.3 million the baldacchino supreme bed, designed by stuart hughes, is one fine elegant piece of art. with an interior crafted of 24 carat gold weighing over 90 kilograms and a frame made of ash, cherry and classy canopy wood, this bed is one you might be afraid to fall asleep in., the baldacchino supreme bed is a canopy bed made of ash, cherry and chestnut woods. its yummy old-rose color, from the italian silk drapes to wooden panels goes perfectly well with the gold used all throughout. the headboard has capitonnè, a type of intricate padding design made popular by medieval italian royalty..

#1 baldacchino supreme bed ~ price: $6.3 million we’re finally here: baldacchino supreme bed is the most expensive bed in the world with a staggering price of $6.3 million! designed by stuart hughes , an already friend of the website ( world’s most expensive iphone & the most expensive yacht ever built ), it is made out of three types of ..., baldacchino supreme bed – $6.3 million for the rich and the wealthy, nothing is simply owned for its primary and inherent purpose. everything is a means to stand out, to flaunt their wealth and what better way to do that than to own the most expensive form of a very basic human tool, which is the baldacchino supreme bed that costs $6.3 million..

Baldacchino supreme bed baldacchino supreme bed is a symbol of royalty; it is the most expensive bed of the world with a market price of $6.3 million. created with world class hand work and indulging finest italian silk and cotton the bed is a pure blend of class and beauty., baldacchino supreme bed is hand carved bed with 24 carat gold that weighs over 200lbs. the fabric is made out of pure italian silk and cotton and the structure is of chestnut and ash with a headboard which can be customized with diamonds and precious stones. 2. magnetic floating bed, $1.6 million.

1 baldacchino supreme bed. the internal design of the baldacchino supreme bed is made of the optimum types of wood; ash and cherry; and it is with a classy canopy and over 24 carats of pure gold that weighs almost over 200 pounds. this bed is hand carved by stuart hughes, a famous designer, and there were only two of it ever crafted in the world., 1 baldacchino supreme bed, $6.3 million currently, this is the most expensive bed available in the market. it was hand carved by stuart hughes. it’s made from three types of wood namely: ash, cherry and classy canopy..

1. baldacchino supreme bed, $6.3 million designed by stuart hughes in collaboration with fratelli basile, the most expensive bed ever created is handmade from 200 pounds of solid 24-carat gold. the...